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#1 Kumar Pranay Business Consultant & Public Speaker

Career Counselor

Kumar Pranay is a renowned Business Consultant and Public Speaker. He is one with magnificent personality and knows the art of delivering his knowledge and intellect to people. Mr. Pranay has worked extensively in Education, Healthcare, IT, Entertainment, Real Estate, Events & Advertisement Sector. He masters in Brand Development & Positioning, Business Planning, Sales & Marketing, Content Development, Public Speaking and much more. Being an eloquent speaker, his sessions on Brand Communication, Marketing Methodology, New Age Technology, Leadership, Parenting, Personality Development, Society, Culture & Religion are simply amazing.

His training sessions are melting pot of Ideas and Knowledge. Whether you are a professional or a student you can get accurate answers to your varied genre of questions. Having delivered more than 1100 plus knowledge and business sessions successfully, Kumar Pranay stands tall with earned respect and love of all. His ability to guide and mentor students have helped thousand of students achieve their desired career making him a great career coach.

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