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Kumar Pranay

Educationist, Business Consultant & Public Speaker


Education                    Information Technology                    Health & Wellness                    Pharmaceutical                    Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle                    Events & Advertising                    Electronics & Communication                    Entertainment Industry                    BPO & Call Center                    Real Estate                    Automobiles                    Hospitality                    Retail

#1 Kumar Pranay Business Consultant & Public Speaker

Kumar Pranay is a renowned Educationist, Business Consultant and Public Speaker. He is one with magnificent personality and knows the art of delivering his knowledge and intellect to people. Mr. Pranay has worked extensively in Education, Healthcare, IT, Entertainment, Real Estate, Events & Advertisement Sector. He masters in Brand Development & Positioning, Business Planning, Sales & Marketing, Content Development, Public Speaking and much more. Being an eloquent speaker, his sessions on Brand Communication, Marketing Methodology, New Age Technology, Leadership,  Parenting, Career, Personality Development, Society, Culture & Religion are simply amazing. 

His training sessions are melting pot of Ideas and Knowledge. Whether you are a professional or a student you can get accurate answers to your varied genre of questions. Having delivered more than 1150 plus knowledge and business sessions successfully, Kumar Pranay stands tall with earned respect and love of all. His ability to guide and mentor students have helped Lacs of students achieve their desired career making him a great career coach.

Full of passion, energy and knowledge, Kumar Pranay has helped businesses grow and reach its optimum level. As a Business Consultant & Brand Development Expert, his ideas are innovative and “out of the box” which is evident with many businesses, startups and corporate houses consulting him for their growth and development.

His love for people and purpose of empowering them to achieve their dream is his driving force. Also, a risk taker and a dreamer, Mr. Kumar Pranay committed his life in motivating and inspiring  people and businesses to achieve reputed heights. Mr. Pranay has a strong team of excellent professionals who are trained to deliver quality. One can expect great energy, efficiency & efficacy in process and output of Mr. Kumar Pranay & his team.

Solutions @ Kumar Pranay


We practice and advise individuals or organizations on how to improve their performance, tackle challenges or achieve specific goals. We work with the clients to identify and analyze issues, develop solutions, and provide actionable recommendations. We are specialize in multiple industries and functional area, such as finance, marketing, and technology. Our consulting services can range from strategy development and organizational design to process improvement and technology implementation. We may work other consulting firms or as independent contractors and may be hired for short-term or long-term engagements.

Brand Development

Our Brand Development process involves developing and refining a brand's identity, positioning and messaging to achieve a competitive advantage in the market. The aim of Brand Development is to create a brand that is unique, memorable and meaningful to its target audience. We focus on creating successful brand development strategy involving the needs and wants of the target audience, identifying the brand's unique values and attributes. Our aim is to develop a cohesive brand strategy that resonates with consumers. Through brand development, businesses can ensure that their brand stands out in a crowded market and has maximum visiblity.

Training & Workshop

One of the stars of the professional speaking industry, Mr. Kumar Pranay has been the ideal choice for a KEYNOTE SESSION called upon by the biggest brands & organizations across industries to take their intervention to greater unforgettable heights ! Kumar Pranay's keynote POWER TALKS and KNOWLEDGE SESSIONS are in complete alignment to your conference or seminar agenda, guaranteeing desired results and leaving behind an impact that will stay with the audience long after the session or conference is over ! His POWER TALKS accompanied with carefully injected humor and real-time anecdotes leave behind lasting memories and ensure BENCHMARK RESULTS to follow !

"To be successful, you don't have to do extraordinary things.
Just do ordinary things extraordinarily well."

I believe in hard work, dedication and determination. Last two decades of my life has been a mix of learning, earning & developing self. One thing which was remarkable in my journey so far was the constant “Evolution”. Evolution of thoughts, ideas, perception, likes & dislikes, culture, religious understanding, society, people, technology and almost everything around me and all of us.  I believe, Everything that is ORDINARY in this world can also EVOLVE, you just have to add something “Extra” to make it “EXTRAORDINARY”
Business Consultant | Management Trainer | Business Advisor | Public Speaker | Career Counselor
Business Consultant & Public Speaker

Operational Excellence is what we strive for !

Operational excellence can be a game-changer when it comes to solving many of the competitive challenges that companies face today. Companies that effectively leverage operational excellence to address opportunities and threats have an advantage in the marketplace — and uniquely position themselves to deliver unmatched value to internal and external customers. Operational excellence has a significant impact on company performance. Here are the six primary value drivers for operational excellence:

Financial Performance

Optimize the use of assets and resources augmented by revenue growth to deliver strong financial results and competitive advantage.

Business Agility

Adapt rapidly to market opportunities and threats in a cost-effective and productive manner (for example, processes enabled via flexible technology).

Customer Experience

Exceed internal and external customer expectations around quality, customer service and responsiveness while minimizing defects.

Reliability & Predictability

Deliver predictable, repeatable and consistent operational performance

Visibility & Transparency

Enhance visibility of processes and performance through metrics and escalation that allows future issues to be anticipated and corrected proactively.


Expand and grow operations efficiently without adding resources, headcount, or cost.

Navigating Business Challenges – Together

Many companies are struggling to navigate today’s challenges for several reasons, such as:

Uncertainty about current or future market realities

A misaligned vision and

Difficulty innovating or quickly launching new capabilities

Poor strategy execution and value realization

A culture of complacency or change fatigue

An overall lack of business agility across employees, process and technology

A lack of understanding of business and customer insights

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I believe, Everything that is ORDINARY in this world can also EVOLVE, you just have to add something “Extra” to make it “EXTRAORDINARY”