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Workshop & Sessions

With Kumar Pranay and his team, you can get world-class training coupled with sincerity and passion which makes it possible & confident of achieving your goals and making your vision a reality. We have a team of highly knowledgeable professionals and excellent trainers with hands-on experience in corporate planning and training. If mentoring & training is all about intellectual and mental evolution, then we are there to raise the pace and scale of that evolution and achieving new echelons of success. Listed below are the training areas:

Entrepreneurship Development

Helps the trainees to learn the practical areas of Starting a business with reference to New Start up, planning and implementation, capital formation, enterprise resource planning, human resources, marketing, sales achievement, crisis management and much more. 

Training on Marketing Skills

This training is meant for anyone who wants to get into the field of marketing or already working in marketing domain. The training covers the areas of conventional marketing strategy, new age marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, marketing automation and much more.

Online/Tele-sales Training

Here one can learn what is Tele-selling and how to uncover customer needs, tele sales steps, product presentation, closing the sales, essential attributes of Tele sales representative.  More than 60% businesses require tele-sales executives who are able to convince prospective buyers. 

Customer Services Training

Modules include emphasis on what is customer services ? Role of customer services representative, customer services on phone, types of customers, etc. The training develops confidence in trainees to serve clients better. Practical examples & role plays makes the training interesting and easy to understand.

Process Training (Services | Products) 

Process training is a services or product specific training for employees of companies to make them understand SOP and operational know how in a lucid manner. The information is general but the art of imparting the training makes it efficient. The training improves the performance and reduces the chances of errors.

Human Resource Training 

Human Resource Training covers areas of Human Resource Planning, Human Resource Development, Practical HR Processes such as process of recruitment & selection, onboarding process, performance appraisal, gender sensitizing, inventory management, attendance and leave records and much more. 

Motivation & Leadership

This is an important area of training for everyone in an organization. What seems to be a moral science to many people, after completion and commencement of training the outcome is beyond imagination. Motivation creates leadership skills and sense of responsibility. It enables a person to utilize their strength and overcome weaknesses.

Personality Development & Grooming

This training covers the understanding of what is Personality?  What are personality traits ? How to develop Personality ? Personal Grooming for Men & Women which includes corporate dressing power dressing etc. This training also covers uncovering secrets of public speaking skills and high impact communication. 

Life Skill Coaching

Introduction to Life Skills, importance of life skills for every individual, life skills used by corporate world, positive thinking, goal setting, assertiveness, time management, stress management, analytical skills. The training is very useful to everyone as it builds confidence and enables one with more focused approach.

Communication Skills

This training covers, Fundamentals of communication, Styles of communication, Non verbal communication, Presentation Skills : Preparation & Delivery, Effective public speaking, Writing Skills, Effective Listening Skills, Interview Skills etc. Having good communication is the most important requirement of jobs today.

Mastering Online Communication

Training on online communication includes training on telephone etiquette, email etiquette, composing business mails, online chat and video conferencing skills & social media skills. With the rise of online business the need for both good written and oral communication on online platforms is the basic requirement of jobs. 

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place

Training is about gender sensitizing and creating a healthy workplace environment for all three genders. The training enables trainees to understand what is considered to be sexual harassment and how to prevent it totally. DOs and DONTs for employees, employers, clients, vendors.